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New Age Caravans 

Designed for the Road Ahead  

New Age Caravans are synonymous with quality and innovation. They have a reputation for building premium quality caravans, designed with modern apartment style interiors. Their innovative designs have been such a success that they are credited with revolutionising the Australian caravan industry.

Their on-going commitment to creating designs that break new ground and set new standards has seen them grow into a leading brand here in Australia.

More recently they have become part of the Walkinshaw Group, founded by motorsport legend Tom Walkinshaw.

Through Walkinshaw Group they now have access to facilities, technology and expertise that are unmatched in the caravan industry. A seven-post rig that can replicate 1000km of rough durability testing in minutes, a dedicated clay modelling studio for conceptual and prototype design work, robotic-welded chassis operation and access to Walkinshaw’s proving ground for unsurpassed rough track testing are but a few of the things they now have at their disposal to help design the next generation of New Age caravans.